Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh you have certainly BREACHED something !

I am on STEAM a lot and enjoy using it as a client to manage/download/play games and connect with friends. Today I saw a special offer pop up showing a game I had never heard of. Such game was called "Breach" now for $11.99 US it seemed like a decent buy for a FPS. Having some spare money I thought it couldn't hurt but as always I better look at some YouTube clips and reviews. This game seemed to be a more destructive version of Counter Strike Source and claimed to be more of an Indie title.
Watching gameplay on YouTube it seemed like a decent buy for what they were asking. Now I am also into playing BC2 and CS:S so with two great titles it seemed like this game might hold it's own to these titles from what I had seen. After purchasing the game and loading it up, booooy was I surprised to just how awful the game play was ! Now don't get me wrong the games not entirley shocking, it just needs some finer tweaking. The movement of players were sloppy and slow and it made the whole thing awkward, this was enough to make me exit the game!
I will however return and play some more, why? Because this game has excellent environment destruction and tactical ways in which you play against each other, better than many other major titles. Though this game lacks the crucial player interaction and feels like it has fallen short thus far. If developers were to fix this issue then it would surely be a great title to add to the collection for some more online action !

Judge for yourselves, has anyone played this game? Do you like it?


  1. haven't played it but it looks interesting. I play a lot of counter-strike so maybe i'd like it

  2. played. liked. but wouldn't stick to it for long. Have you ever played counter-strike 1.6?:) that's a classic!

  3. Noo... not another fps. I already have counter, bf2 and hat fortress, $11 is a good price but if the game is not good, the servers gonna be empty in less than a year

  4. It's pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. I tired of it pretty quickly though, lol

  5. Hmm I was interested when you said destructible. That would be pretty sick if someone made a counter strike/red faction hybrid that actually worked. anyway I'll check onlive to see if they have the game. It sounds interesting enough to check it out.

  6. For the price it is decent, I would be quite happy to play this game further with some sort of debug from the programmers.
    Ohh and cs 1.6 I used to play that here and there never as much as css, it certainly is a classic !
    I suggest if you have the extra money try it out.

  7. That game looks like the shit! I am going to get it for sure now.

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