Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comedy for thought

Bill Hicks. That is all the introduction needs to be. I hope other people out there have seen some of his acts or at least heard of his name.
He was an American comedian who used to base his work off black comedy, satire and philosophy. I went back to YouTube today and searched for some more of his acts and re-watched many of what I had already seen.
The reason why I revisited his work was because my mind was jolted by an audio splice of one of his acts used in an Australian hip-hop group (Terra Firma). Not the first piece of music though that has brought me back to Bill Hicks, the band TOOL also shown light on Mr. Hicks. Maynard James Keenan (singer from TOOL) befriended Bill Hicks as they meet through mutual friends and performed comedy at the same venues.
TOOL dedicated their triple-platinum album ├ćnima to Bill Hicks to raise awareness of his material and ideas as they felt they "were resonating similar concepts".

I just felt like writing something about Bill Hicks, I didn't want to do a rundown of his life as there is already much more information on Wikipedia for that. His ideas are something I can connect to and find his stage presence and soul very powerful.

December 16, 1961   ---   February 26, 1994(1961-12-16)


  1. Sweet, I love Bill Hicks. He's awesome.

  2. I am so glad someone has commented this page!
    I have asked some many people if they know of him and nearly everyone answered with a no.