Saturday, January 22, 2011

Doctor Ashens

About two years ago I stumbled across a person on Youtube who goes by the name Ashens. Ever since I saw one of his first videos I have somewhat followed him religiously. This man basically reviews "Tat" that he is either given by viewers or things that he picks up from Poundland (A cheap British store).
I'm not sure if this style of dry comedy would appeal to others out there but for me it just works! Has anyone else seen or heard of this Youtuber before?


  1. Been watching him ever since I saw his 'Games by Post' parody. The man is a comic genius and I'm glad institution's like the BBC have helped garner a wider audience.

  2. He had me at "big hands and chunky fingers for strangling badgers."

  3. I have heard of him and i think he's amazing, The first one of his videos i saw was the cheap PS3 remake with the screen built in. Awful product but wonderful video.

  4. Rego: How good is he !! I just love his sort of dry wit to his reviews. I am also glad that the BBC is helping out with broadening the audience.

    DesignAndLaugh: It's little quotes like those that make him what he is :D

    Anonymous: He makes something out of nothing, with such cheap products he provides a lot of thrills !

  5. I don't liek this tablet pc trend just over complicating the use in my opinion nothing easy than typing with a real keyboard and navigating with a good mouse.

  6. You and me both Chris ! I can not stand the tablet trend. They add too much effort to a task that should be effortless.
    I can see a use for it though as Ashens pointed out his friend used it for a skyping and video phone (handy) but for what I would need (typing) this is utterly hopeless.

    *Viva La Ashens* :)