Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have recently been looking around for another netbook for university as the last one I had (asus eee pc) has decided to let some keys not function and the poor amount of hard drive space left on the flash memory causes more pain with every use.
I have been looking at the Lenovo S10-3 or a HP Mini 5102. Both with their own pros and cons, I think their designs are what captures me as there are a dozen different netbooks doing pretty much all the same things. Both these netbooks seem to have what I will need, though I do wish they had a n550 processor ! Does anyone have any opinions on these? Do others out there use a netbook for simple internet tasks?
Of course I have already looked around on the interenet for reviews on both, though was just curious to see what others thought of them.

HP Mini 5102
Lenovo S10-3


  1. Netbooks aren't the thing for me. I need something that packs a punch, has a decent sized screen and keyboard, and can easily run me all my apps simultaneously. Hence why I'm saving up for a Macbook Pro ^^;

  2. I'm in the same boat right now, I was actually looking at the asus eee. I'm guessing you wouldn't recommend it though.

  3. Fang, get a real computer damnit. Netbooks are a bad thing in my opinion, but buying Macs is just... uh. Unless there is a mac-exclusive application that you desperately need for your work or something like that, you should just get a regular laptop.

  4. Just buy a real computer! I don't like netbooks, you pay more for.... less. But if you really need one, I'd go with the Lenovo.


  5. That Lenovo is looking sexy as hell! I want it!

  6. Ah fair enough Fang ! Each to their own :) Have you had an apple computer before?

    Auatarch which model eee pc? Cause this one was from about 2 years ago and its out dated now anyway. Asus do make some great netbooks !

    Murray and Gamerman, thing is I do need one, but also want one. I have my man desktop computer for games and other things. I will need to see if I really require one for university or not. Would save me copying notes or info from paper to computer.

    Rankulus it sure does look sexy doesn't it ! I think however I'm leaning more towards the HP Mini.

  7. Stupid internets. I wrote a good comment and hit the some button on accident. To sum it up, Asus still is best i think, but check out reviews on, it is a great tool to see prices and if something suits your needs before buying.

  8. I just started using an Eee 900a a few days ago and I really like it. It's old of course, so don't get it. But I don't understand all the hate here for netbooks. Now that I'm used to the small keyboard, I'm starting to prefer it to regular laptop keyboards. I like it because I can use it in bed without it flopping all over the place and I can keep it close by on my desk, and it doesn't get in the way of my paper and book shuffling. For school-related tasks, netbooks are the right kind of computer.

  9. @wish0 man I hate that ! It's happened to me before and it was either a good comment or an email that I couldn't retrive again!! I'll have a look at newegg, I'm in Australia so don't know if it will be worthwhile on pricing or even if they ship here. Asus sure do have a good market share and offer some good deals. It's just the one I had is starting really annoy me with issues with low virtual memory and all.

    @anoodle that's the same one I have ! It is a nice little unit just doesn't stand up to what I need to do anymore :(